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a the virginia military institute. >> president obama making more california including francisco. >> we have some work to do. got an election to win. >> president obama held a star- in southernraiser california that included a list such as george clooney, he poked fun at his less than stellar debate performance last week. >> everybody here are great friends and incredible professionals. they perform flawlessly night after night. e same.t always say th [laughter] >> republican candidate mitt theey rally supporters in critical state of florida on sunday. warned that a second term for obama would lead to ruin thatf economic crushes the american dream. >> we will hold to that sort high on november 6. the world will see we are .erious >> while mr. obama continues to romney, summonses money will win the election -- that policy matters and not money will win the election. >> president santos joe biden getting stronger than the policies they put in place. mitt romney will say get you have to wonder what people say as president. >> we have a few more rounds to go in this fight. we saw
in california and mitt romney in virginia. but both campaigns have their eyes on a new poll that shows the race getting even tighter. >> we begin with abc's tahman bradley in washington this morning. good morning, tahman. >> good morning, paula, good morning, rob. polls show a tighter race after last night's debate. and president obama is bringing up huge cash, in fact, he's back on track to raise more than $1 billion. >> reporter: overnight the stars came out to help president obama. bill clinton and katy perry were among celebrities on hand at a fund-raiser. one of five events expected to raise $10 million. this after mr. obama and democrats raised $181 million last month. the president made a joke last week. >> they just performed flawlessly, night after night. i can't always say the same. >> reporter: the president's rival, mitt romney is on the stump drawing huge crowds, thousands of accounts in florida. >> you'll have the chance to hear his answers or his nonanswers. now, of course, days later, we're hearing his excuses. >> reporter: a new gallup poll confirms romney picked up momentum af
with bill clinton in california and clinton will be on the campaign trail all week and this as a new gallup poll showing the tighter race after the debate. president obama up by 3 points after being up by 6 at his peak. abc's david kerley is on the campaign trail in florida tonight. >> reporter: 9,000 flag-waving romney supporters jammed the town square, 6,000 last night, all ready to turn the president out of office. >> you all have the chance to hear his answers or his not -- nonanswers. now, of course, days later we're hearing his excuses and next january we'll be watching him leave the white house for the last time. >> reporter: team romney is feeling his debate performance. the president obama is realizing he didn't perform at his peak. >> i think you can assume he reviewed the tape and it will inform -- it will inform how he handles these subsequent debates. >> reporter: it wasn't all bad news, the president was buoyed by the dp in the unemployment rate to below 8% and broke his own record by raising $181 million in just september. putting him on track to hit a billion dollars. and to
. >>> and california drivers forced to shell out $5 a gallon and sometimes even more. >> gas prices are up from coast-to-coast but they have hit an all-time high in california. the governor there is scrambling to increase supply but prices are expected to go up more before they finally come down. abc's brandy has the story. >> reporter: california drivers are beyond frustrated. >> i did not get 10 gallons and it's $42. >> as they face a record-breaking gas prices. perhaps prompting thieves who electronically disabled a meter in roseville california and stole nearly 1,000 gallons. >> i don't know. at least those people should go to jail. >> reporter: the spike is thanks to the perfect storm of problems while one plant in richmond was shut down because of a fire, and another plant last week because of problems, and a pipeline also became contaminated and it happened as california prepares to switch from scarce summer grade to winter grade fuel. older refineries are shutting down. >> it's here in california and up in the new england states where there are atphaupl hraez going on and that's why prices ar
. >>> california will bake in record-breaking heat. downtown l.a. could push 100. and it will be san francisco's warmest day of the year so far. cooler in new england and upper midwest. honolulu will be in the mid-80s. >> the weather is the craziest weather. you know what mark twain said the warmest summer i -- the coldest winter i ever spent was a summer in san francisco. great city, though. >>> when we come back, you might have to get ready to pay a whole lot more. we're talking a whole lot more. >>> then a disposable diaper supply. why the supply is suddenly being threatened. >>> and blown away. the car that is no match for mother nature. >>> welcome back, everybody. gasoline prices should now head downward, but maybe not right away. the national average this morning is $3.78 a gallon. that's 3 cents less than it was a week ago. now gas prices usually do come down this time of year. and oil prices are falling but aaa says there could be a brief spike first because wholesale gasoline prices are still high. did you get all of that? >> i got all of that. >> okay. good. >>> hospitals better get
at >> president obama has another round of fund-raisers in california. details.adley has >> and the stars came out to help president obama. bill clinton and katie perry celebrities on hand at a los angeles fund- , expecting to add $10 to the president's reelection campaign for the event. raisedma and democrats month.llion last t made a joke about debate.luster >> they perform flawlessly night after night. i cannot always say the same. [laughter] >> his rival is on the stump, drawing huge crowds. 9000 at a town in florida. >> you have had a chance to hear his answers. later we are hearing is excuses. kristen bell poll confirms romney picked up momentum after last week's debate. obama is leading romney by just three points. romney's new strength has the obama campaign focusing on an attack plan. >> governor romney's central for $5c plan calls cut.lion tax- i don't have a $5 trillion tax cut. not telling the truth. >> romney does want to cut tax s that would reduce revenue years.rillion over 10 he said he would offset that by eliminating loopholes and deductions. has refused to say which ones, leavin
are, we have something for you to keep in mind. >> drivers in california set another day of record highs there. the state average per gallon of gas is about $5.67. >> california drivers frustrated with a price spike at the pump are dealing with the fourth straight day of record high gas prices. >> it is terrible. >> i only got 20 gallons. >> the prices of 49 cents since last week, far higher than the national average of $3.80 a gallon, according to the department of energy. california's dramatic spike is being blamed on several refineries and pipeline problems. many skeptical drivers say the explanations for the high prices is bogus. even california senator barbara boxer is calling for an investigation. >> we want to make sure there is no manipulation going on. >> oil experts say drivers can blame california's tough air quality regulations. governor jerry brown has ordered another blend appeal to be released early. don't expect to see a dramatic drop in prices soon. experts say could be another week before california drivers finally see any relief. >> the national average for gas i
coast. and in california, a meteor shower seen by millions. >>> and a long wait. two brothers hang on to a multimillion-dollar scratcher for six years. talk about patience. >>> good morning. i'm john muller, in for rob nelson. >> i'm paula faris. we begin with the presidential race. as we mentioned, both candidates are speaking at a bipartisan political dinner here in new york. >> but tuesday night's debate is still very much on a lot of people's minds. one of them, apparently, is mitt romney's oldest son, tagg. he told a north carolina radio station, quote, he wanted to take a swing at president obama. >>> 19 days to go. and as abc's tahman bradley reports, the candidates are crafting their messages for women voters. >> reporter: with less than three weeks left until election day, the presidential contenders have intensified their efforts to court undecided women voters. >> my mom was a single mom. >> a single mom who doesn't know whether they'll be able to put food on the table at the end of the week. >> reporter: polls show president obama maintains his advantage among women vot
the california coast. >>> and quick getaway. brazen thieves getting creative. an epidemic using horsepower to commit their crimes. >>> good morning, everybody. we begin this wednesday with a presidential race that is just about as close as it can be. the two candidates separated by a mere fraction of a percentage point. >> our new poll comes as president obama and mitt romney blitz the battleground states. and with just 13 days remaining, romney is working to distance himself from another republican's controversial new comments. abc's tahman bradley has the story. >> reporter: the presidential candidates are storming battleground states in a final sprint to election day. the romney campaign, riding a wave of momentum may have hit a bit of a snag, as another republican senate candidate makes a controversial comment about abortion. richard murdoch was asked at a debate in indiana, whether abortion should be allowed in cases of rape or incest. >> i think life begins in conception. i think even if life begins in the horrible situation of rape, that it's something that god intended to happen. >
. the president was stumping for cash, not votes. he continued his california fund-raising swing, which is expected to bring in $10 million over two days. between money events, the president attended a dedication to caesar chavez national monument. >> our world is a better place because caesar chavez decided to change it. >> reporter: with president obama and mitt romney both in ohio today, the focus is likely to shift back to the economy. >> thank you, karen. >>> all of the new numbers putting more pressure on the vice presidential candidates who debate this coming thursday night. live coverage begins at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific. >>> one month of the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans were killed in a consulate attack in benghazi, there's word that a top white house official will visit libya today. reports say john brennan, the top white house counterterrorism adviser, will be in tripoli to meet with senior libyan officials about the investigation into the killing of ambassador chris stevens and the others. >>> and a story breaking overnight. more explosive rhetoric o
. fremont california was in third place. traffic on the dulles access will come to a stop for two minute stretches between 9:00 t trucks 2:00 p.m. sal more sections of the e for the metrog station. be similar traffic friday. if you want to get away and stay by, check out the cox farms forat free. its this week to give away. can win four tickets to the fields ofnd four at fear tickets. winner eachunce a the 6:00week during a.m. hour of good morning washington. it is 67 degrees. >> the redskins show their for a controversial measure appearing on the nove i don't spend money ongasoline. i am probably going to the gas station abt once a month. last time i was at a g station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male annnnouncer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power andssociates appeal award two years in a row. ♪ let's check in with jummy olabanji. >> officials reporting at deaths? >> that's right. this infor
the california that makes the drink. >> caffeine toxicity and a contract arrhythmia. she had an underlying mild heart condition not unlike about 10% of the population. fda documents show other adverse reactions to the drink. >> these kids are drinking the , have an condition, it is like on a fire.oline spokesman for the beverage company says it has sold more than 8 billion of the drinks " monster does that its beverages are in any way responsible for death of ms. fournier." on the anderson cooper show last week, the mother says she is putting her grief into action. the fda too put stepup. [indiscernible] how much caffeine is in there. >> that mom has made some progress. the senator who oversees the fda budget held a hearing on the drinks and their impact on kids. he has sent a second letter to a asking that agency to regulate the drink. >> thank you for that report. countdown to the election is on tonight. we are 16 days away. a final presidential debate is happening to our night. jay korff joins us now with an on theting perspective race.of the numbers,on polling this race remains a statistica
out west in california, snow.nado and >> a busy monday in california. tornado 40 miles north of r damageto, mino reported. other reports of clouds, but they did not touch down. was looking like winter in sierra.hern fnowplows had to clear parts o interstate 80 in the higher elevations. but it does help with the water supply. >> i am not ready for that. >> it is not so for us. that is the first big winter storm of the season out west. are lined up out there in the pacific. come.s more to around here, we have high- controlling our weather. everythingcking else. look at the showers and thundershowers across the great lakes. that will move through the ofd will stay out the northern atlantic. degrees at dulles. we will warm up nicely. high temperatures today just shy of 80 degrees. we will see some clouds, but a t looking day overall. let's check on traffic. that's looking good. g. good mornin it's quiet around the area. the beltway in virginia and maryland looking good. they have picked up construction in tysons. 66, no problems. looks good through falls church and gainesville. maryla
physical. check out this faceoff between two veteran california democrats, running for the same seat. at one point, congressman brad sherman grabbed his opponent, congressman howard berman, and shouted, do you want to get into this? the audience, hooting and hollering, until a sheriff's deputy had to step in to separate them. >> take it out outside, fellas. it's getting hot. >>> and a dire warning about cyber security from the nation's top defense official. leon panetta says we are facing the threat of a possible cyber pearl harbor, in which foreign computer hackers take control of the power grid, transportation and financial network. a hostile group could derail a passenger train that's loaded with lethal chemicals. >>> investigators in colorado are asking for the public's help in finding the suspect in the kidnapping of jessica ridgeway. what is believed to be the little girl's body was discovered not far from where she disappeared just a week ago. positive identification has been made more difficult by the fact that parts of the body are missing. >>> and the first suit has now bee
in the northwest. >> santa ana winds will warm up the temps in southern california. billings gets a blast of winter with a high only of 26. seattle and portland are in the mid-50s. new york, boston and baltimore are pretty pleasant, in the mid-60s. phoenix and new orleans warm to the mid-80s. >>> coming up, free food. i like the sound of that. a national chain with a big giveaway. but it all depends on baseball. >> nice tease. >>> then, if you like meat, you have to love what's happening with prices. why this is the time to fill up your freezer. >> i do love meat. >>> and the giants draw first blood in the world series, as a star player comes out swinging and hits three home runs. >>> welcome back, on this thursday morning, everyone. there is fresh fallout from the collapse of the housing market. the federal government is suing bank of america for $1 billion. the suit charges there was brazen mortgage fraud by countrywide financial, which was bought by bank of america. among the allegations that countrywide accepted phony applications, falsified data, and hid mortgages that sank into default. >>> t
this is stuff? welcome to "jurassic park." people like don of burbank, california. his little backyard is crawling with meat eaters and plant eaters. you ever get freaked out coming out here at night? >> no, no, i usually come here to read. i'll sit and it's not ambience, nice atmosphere. >> reporter: he invites lady friend oefrs to model and make movies. like "dinosaur valley girls" "beauties and the beasts." no wonder he likes his privacy. >> not too many people know what i have. >> reporter: your neighbors don't know they have "jurassic park" next door? >> that's true. >> reporter: it took a while for the business to start but now it's boomg. >> the world doesn't team in armed garden gnomes, turns out after the world found out about them they do. >> reporter: anyone who tries to liberate these little guys getter be prepared for a fight. i'm david wright for "nightline" in petaluma, california. >> must have the zombie gnomes eating the flamingo. thank you, david and thank you for watching abc news. tomorrow night, please join us for kickoff of the special coverage of the presidential
of autonomous vehicles. three states have legalized them. nevada, florida, and california. we will see if we hear from d.c. today. another stretch of unusual weather all across the country. in northern california, people after a small tornado touched down possibly more than once. funnel clouds spotted also in other areas. the damage was minimal. no reports of injury. the storm system also brought two feet of snow in the sierra nevada mountains. in idaho, ski resorts pin join the first snowfall of the season. this is a video from the resort boise. a welcome sight to business owners and skiers. last snowfall -- good first occurll last year did not until january in that area. >> we have 80-degree temperatures the next couple days. tropical system off the coast weekend and colder air moving in next week. >> a little bit of everything. it's beautiful outside. scattered clouds locally. noaa cougar town there were some showers. it's beautiful right now at beach, a live shot. another shot in fairfax shows skies over st. leo the looking good. some members in the '70s. not much rain. the rain really c
," neal karlinsky, abc news, san jose, california. >>> a check of weather from sam. >> we're going to begin with unusual pictures out of northern california. let's go to it. it was a tornado. there were five reported in northern california. this was in yuba county. and in some parts of california, there's never been a tornado this time of year before. that's how powerful this storm system has been moving through the aerea. this is the time for the big storms to move in. but that's an unusual statistic for northern california. to the warmer temperatures across the nation. d.c. 78 today. raleigh, at 81. memphis, about 82 degrees. nice, warm, dry. doesn't feel like october. but it will. we'll show you cooler air. good morning, washington. we have a beautiful star on this tuesday morning. look at that the sun rise along midlevel clout in this that picture. a pretty mild withatures are 52 degrees at reagan national. fortoday, we're looking partly sunny skies and temperatures will be 10-15 degrees above average. b will >> by the way, that tuesday trivia was brought to you by walmart. amy
's tonight at 10:00 until closing on monday. >> some drivers in southern california are stunned by rising gas prices. >> in los angeles county the average price for a gallon of regular is $4.35. the price jumped 9 cents earlier this week. some gas stations have much higher prices. >> i've never seen $5.99 four a gallon. . that is credit is a terrible week for gas prices, the worst ever in october that i can remember. >> prices are exceptionally high in california because of a supply problem due to -- unique to that state. >> fortunately, d.c. drivers are not shelling out quite as much as the folks in california. >> the national averages $3.78 for regular. in d.c., $3.90. $3.71 in maryland and $3.61 in virginia. >> still not exactly a bargain. >> it 5:41, 60 degrees. >> and actress tackling a different role off screen been shopping so s smart, cash back with your freedom card getting cash back on what? close shave and haircut fan for the ceiling. you're gonna cool off that hoooounddd! tonight you gotta get your cash back, on new slacks. use freedom on lunchith jack. everybody get! everyb
? that was colorful. >>> time, now, for some weather across the nation. thunderstorms in the california coast to vegas, phoenix and albuquerque. showers in southeast texas and the miami area. and a mix of rain and snow near the canadian border. that will be northern minnesota to michigan. a chilly and drier day in new england to the mid-atlantic regions. >> 60s in the northeast and midwest. 80s from dallas to miami. and 70s in the rockies. >>> and when we come back, cold comfort for millions of homeowners. a painful prediction on winter heating bills. >>> and be careful who you wish for. lance armstrong wanted to know who accused him of doping. now, he knows. >>> and the huge amount we're spending to get our pets in the halloween spirit. >>> welcome back. the latest snapshot of the economy showed growth continued at a modest base. the fed's new book shows activity picking up over the late summer. the housing market provided a big boost, with existing home sales up in every region. and prices holding steady or increasing in many areas. >>> more than two years after the deepwater horizon disaster, there
, katy perry. fav rift california girls. in the costume with her wig. skylanders from the popular video game. spiro, happy trigger and our angry birds. >> right. look right there. >> good job, angry birds and everybody. >> look at this, fairy tales. and just some favorites. hello kitty. yes we have little red riding hood. skipping over to grandma's house. our killer bee. and then, of course, dorothy. look even the red slippers. >> red slippers. >> little red riding hood, make sure you look out for the wolf. okay. fantastic. >> thank you, girls. >> beautiful. >> aren't they. >> beautiful. >> turtles are back. >> i didn't know they were back. >> turtles. >> they are. >> rafael. of course it wouldn't be complete with president obama and governor romney. they're here to join us too. >> they're getting along really well. >> tell you what happened on the third debate, right? >> yes, yes. not sure about that. love it. good job. >> yeah. >> i think everyone is going to come back out and join us. i think everyone is coming. >> is everyone coming? >> yea! [ applause ] >> beautiful. ♪ ♪ the mo
in the california skies. all thanks to haley's comet. stargazers and plain folks, walking or driving around, were amazed at the streaking fireballs and the loud booms that were observed over the skies of northern california. >> look over and saw, like, an object in reddish/orange in color. as it went away, it was getting larger. >> this thing was going sideways across the sky. >> reporter: astronomers say the earth is passing through a stream of debris from alley's com comet. >> you saw a small car-sized piece of rock and metal from the asteroid belt, crash into layers of the earth's atmosphere, ionizing. >> reporter: the national weather service says warm temperatures and cloudless skies are helping to make the bright lights more visible. the meteor shower will be visible through sunday. it is also extraordinarily cool. >>> we're going to turn, now, to new concerns about the security of the nation's banking system. u.s. officials say iranian hackers have struck again. this time, disrupting the websites of capital one websites and bb&t. this joins several other banks that have been hit. service h
>>> the family of a california woman is hoping for answers after she was killed in a hail of bullets fired by a border patrol agent. candles and flowers honor the dead woman valeria alverto, leaves behind five children. alverto tried to run down the agent. something her husband just cannot believe. >> i want justice, yes. who ever shot my wife, who ever the guy he is, he needs to get shot. he needs to get justice served. he don't shoot a person. >> heartbroken family members, held a car wash, trying to raise enough to give her a proper burial. >>> what started as an argument outside a veterans of foreign wars post ended with two people dead and another critically injured in winter springs, florida. a charity motorcycle ride about to get under way when gunmen stormed the preride breakfast and opened fire. police detained several people and confiscated their weapons. >>> set of keys that could have potentially devastating impact across new york city if they fell into the wrong hands or hand of terrorists turned up on ebay. "new york post" reporting, a retired new jersey locksmith is selling
's emotion. that's just coursing through you. >> we have an area of low pressure from central california to southern california. and it's hail from san jose yesterday, into big thunderstorms going into vegas and also oklahoma city here today. locally, about two inches of rain coming from that. on the east coast, we have some big, cold temperatures. chicago, charleston, washington, d.c., new york city, all in the 40s this morning. and it's a shot of cool air that gets reinforced tonight into saturday morning. so, saturday, be ready for that early chill. >> here is a beautiful picture the sunrise right behind the morning.this degrees at reagan national. win at the northwest at 7 miles r hour, at times 10. culpeper is a 39. oakland, at 30 degrees on this morning. 60' the lower total sunshine geared mostly conditions. looking >>> coming up on "gma," the surprising twist in the shocking home invasion twist. the college student shot after stumbling into a stranger's home. >>> also, how two couple's wedding nights ended in chaos. that shocking brawl. stop by walmart this saturday. wireless.
in california. in the district, the average is $3.91. virginia has the lowest average at $3.60. >> from now until monday, virginia shoppers will not have to pay tax on energy efficient appliances. the commonwealth is having a sales tax holiday which extends to heat pumps dishwashers washing machines, and other products. they have to be $2,500 or less and be energy efficient. >> metro is using the coming holiday for an extra day of track maintenance. starting tonight there will be a single tracking on the red and orange lines. that will cause 10-20 minutes of extra travel time. metro will also reduce trains to a single track on the orange line. writers should allow 15 minutes of extra travel time. >> an early taste of winter weather in the nation. this is denver colorado this morning. snow is falling in parts of the state tonight. also tonight, some people in north dakota are digging out from almost a foot of snow. >> 14 inches in parts of northern minnesota. they do not have the big slopes of there. -- out there. let me give you an idea, we are going to go from the 70's to the 40's? this is
resisted arrest. >> a recent break-in on monday, california congressman g his office had been burglarized. we have a look at what has been stolen with horace holmes. some very unusual items, but of great value, but the is how is t fee buildingsg into these goods theut with his the -- how did thief get in and then out? since early april, someone has on a crime spree, breaking into the offices of several offices onives' capitol hill. it has some off-balance. >> it is unusual. they have taken some buttronic equipment, been taking have , memorabilia,ohol signed baseballs, even .residential easter eggs mike mcintyre's. >> making sure you have locked your own door. the police have no idea how anybody is pulling off these crimes. the offices are open during the who wanted to visit their congressman. one man is shocked. think we would have property.r >> so far, we have kept the terrorists from getting in. >> police say they are on it. they are continuing their and eventually, thief.ll catch the horace holmes, abc 7 news. still to come on abc 7 news maryland has plans to keep the lights on after t
is back in news for a scuffle in new york city. congressional aide from california was arrested after n claimed he assaulted her. she grabbed himself and after seeing pictures of her taken by him. she claimed at our extended outlook. temperatures tomorrow, laura 70's. tuesday, foggy but warm. wednesday, more sunshine toward the end of the day. beautiful thursday and friday. >> tuesday looks like it will be a washout. we will see you back here coming out. we will see you back here coming out. in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washiton is important to us, and we're proud to work with all thohose who are making our communities stronger.
trying to boost his chances in that critical swing state. obama is that a campaign events in california. on the sunday talk show circuit there were still talking about the debate. >> we had a good week. we need to have a good one this began the week after. >> i will not take away from his masterful performance. he did a superb acting job. he did everything but learn to tap dance. >> up next on the debate calendar, a vice presidential debate face-off. >> venezuelan immigrants have made the journey to louisiana to vote in today's presidential election elie their homeland. people started lining up early this morning outside the venezuelan consulate to pass their ballot for the incumbent hugo chavez or the young opponent. they closed down the miami consulate. >> we drove 23 hours to come here. a further reason to stay in your house secure in venezuela. it does not matter you vote for. vote. >> people from as many as 10 states travel to new orleans. >> a cold and damp sunday. will it be th alexis douglas: i can remember when i was younger and... my family was not necessarily financially st
and in the midwest has begun to soften. pu in hardest-hit california, consumers don't want to wait three weeks for even more relief. they saw gas rise above $5 a gallon. but there's good news for those in california, if there's not a major world event, we're told that prices could drop as much as $1 for california drivers. >>> now to the craziest story of the morning. take a look at this hidden camera video of a man vandalizing cars, homes and lawns. neighbors rigged up the cameras to prove that it's lingtd to a man embroiled to one nasty feud. john muller is on the story. >> reporter: the latest installment in the neighbor from hell series. we have seen this story before, this one comes from miami, complete with surveillance cameras and plenty of strange behavior. one man is under arrest. charged with criminal mischief and stalking. they call him from the neighbor from hell. members of a miami community say that this surveillance footage is proof that mitchell igelko has been terrorizing them for four years. >> he's an angry guy and he tries to intimidate you. >> reporter: here, throwing what
nevada, california and florida. been relieved of tsairports with the most for that. the losses on the list and comes at no. 14. employees fired for stealing. 29 employees were let go. problem is not widespread and the number of workers let go represents less 0.5% of workers employed by that agency. of advertisements now come with a disclaimer? >> also, why the pharmacy leak a meningitis outbreak is -- meningitishe s recalling its products. behind today's dive on wall street? . another beautiful day must come to an end. socialist warm weather pattern. [ male announcer ] if barack obama is re-elected, what will the next four years be like? one: the debt will grow from $16 trillion to $20 trillion. two: 20 million americans could lose their employer-based health care. three: taxes on the middle class will go up by $4,000. four: energy prices will continue to go up. and five: $716 billion in medicare cuts that hurt current seniors. five rsons we can't afford four more years of barack obama. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. has announced that change for its advertisement
. >> he is glad that the shuttle a home. they get a lot of people they go through the california r,ience center every yea people. of >> the wheels on this transport direction. any >> chile tonight -- ochilly tonight. up.ut it will warm a lot of sunshine. some low-to-mid-level clouds. e skies are clear and the wind will diminish. 54 degrees in the upper marlborough. southern frederick county, 53 degrees. it was a pretty nice day. tomorrow, the average high drops 9 degrees. kalid days are ahead. cold night is ahead. overnight --ing cold days are ahead. cold night is a head. e warning overnight. a frost advisory. clouds will be on the way out. high pressure will move in. and we will be starting off a morning with high pressure moving right overhead. the wind diminishes, the skies will be clear. if the wind should stay up, we close tor get freezing. the air mixedeps up. wind willght, the off. with clear skies, it will be plenty cold. sy sunday, the high ship offshore and it will push into e 70's for sunday afternoon. we have the weekend komen three- day walk. morning lows in the 30's a
, a 30,220 machine guns are registered in the state, by florida, then california. virginia is a state filled with gun owners. more for collecting and investing than shooting. even though virginia ranks among machine gun owners, obtaining one is a lot more walking into a gun shop. it requires extensive paperwork, fingerprints, photos, and background checks. policeerstands what know, the machine guns on not associated with crime the street. history gives her paws. i do not want any more weapons in the hands of people to begind not own guns with. leading to a larger debate r that -- far from resolved. >> a local community gets ready damaged during last year's earthquake. >> some warm temperatures. >> the return of chris cooley worms the hearts of a lot of redskins fans. -- warms the hearts of a lot of redskins fans. man: to some people, social security is just a number. but to me, it's money that i earned. i count ont ocial security. and i don't want washington politicians like george allen... privatizing it. if george allen wants to risk his owown money on wall street.. that's fine. but
are hoping tomorrow the g us some goodbrin news. so, she may be in her 90's but a >> a california woman still has degree. >> you educate a man, and to educate him. you educate a woman, and you educate a family. >> you would have graduated in 1959 but she started a family instead. she took classes but could never earn enough credits so she wrote school asking for some recognition and that more than e expected. there it is. an actual degree. good for her. never too old to graduate. >> the 80-year plan. when we switched to fios, we got better tv, better phone, better internet. [ male announcer ] it's time to get mre for your money. upgrade to verizon fios iernet, tv d phone with our best price online: just $84.99 a month, guaranteed for one year with no annual contract. internet is absolutely imperative for school nowadays. look up this, write an essay on that. my life is greatly improved because of fios. male announcer ] don't wait! switch to fios for a super-low $84.99 a month for a year with no annual contract. visit contact the verizon center for customers with disabi
a couple of months ago. he just moved back from california. >> minutes later in the other i-395. him on welcome home. numbers show that in fiscal year made $85 million on traffic cameras all lu. -- alone. 32% then d.c. made a year ago. >> they probably cannot live without it. to this now addicted revenue. almost $200 million a year. >> d.c. police planted fatality statistics. years, a 56% 10 decrease in traffic fatalities. 16 so far in 2012. even so, speed camera finds -- >> the amounts are so real, they are too much. d.c. council members of would cut the fines to $50. says he is opposed. are that would cost $19 million in revenue. crisis in now to the syria, the white house is hoping possible cease-fire might lead smoother political transition. some government forces and rebel forces have already agreed to a truce. and now can get inspired themist group has rejected cease-fire -- and now qaeda inspired islamist group has rejected the cease-fire. >> are news partners said the reopened a land deal with arlington county. if it goes through, the cemetery land down hill the air force mem
you the pictures now coming in of central california. at least 40 people hurt in a train crash. an amtrak train colliding with a big rig at a railroad crossing. here's the scene. rescuers carrying passengers away. amtrak says the truck drove into the side of the train, which was traveling from oakland. it is the third time since 2008 that a train has it is a vehicle at that crossing in hanford, california. >>> and, also today, an oscar shocker. the host of the 2013 academy awards will be seth macfarlane. and even he wouldn't be surprised if you don't know his name. in fact, last year, he was asked my mtv if he would ever be running to host the oscars, he said? >> no, not i. nobody knows who i am. >> that's not true. >> i don't tnk -- i think you have to, you know, at least be on a cable show first. >> not so fast. the surprise is on him. he is the creator and the voices on the animated hits "family guy," "american dad" and this summer's sleeper hit, "ted," a movie. he showed up on the host of the season premiere of "saturday night live" showing his song and dance chops. ♪ oh
won. >> and a california grandmother crosses off a high-speed event from her bucket list. >> at 5:00 tonight, the incredible story of a military doctor who had to relearn how to be a doctor after a serious combat injury in afghanistan. now training for a race to support a wounded warriors. his story and his long road to recover after a brain injury after it an explosion, tonight at 5:00. >> the latest on the meningitis outbreak. federal health officials have tracked down 12,000 of 14,000 people may of received contaminated steroid shots. patients will need to keep watching for symptoms of the deadly infection for months. there have been 170 cases nationwide. 14 people have died. maryland is reported 13 cases as well as one death. in virginia there have been 11 cases and one death. >> space shuttle endeavour on its way to a museum in los angeles. that's where it will spend its retirement. >> it started the journey late thursday from l.a.x. to the science center and that's where it will go on display. tahman bradley has a look at the journey. >> overnight the space shuttle endeavour
and lightening lit up the sky in southern california. inside the storms, flooding rain s and spectacular hail. >> it's pretty freaky weather down here. when we get a storm, we get it so quick and furious. >> reporter: up to two inches of rain fell in less than a half hour near pasadena, california. >> the roof was just making the worst kind of noise, and then the lightning and the thunder and -- i mean, it would not stop. >> reporter: flash flooding shut down roads. multiple waterspouts and funnels were spotted yesterday along the beaches, from san diego to this one in huntington beach this morning. and in las vegas, roads closed and some schools shut down as record rainfall for the day made sin city's august through october the wettest stretch on record. almost five inches of rain in just three months. that's more than they get on average for an entire year. >> and ginger is here now to tell us, what is happening as it moves across, through the east? >> reporter: well, tonight, we've already seen new mexico have some isolated hail reports coming out. what's going to happen is, the warm front
the job you want you'll be a perfect fit. let's get to work. >>> northern california is getting slammed by some wild weather. funnel clouds were spotted north of sacramento yesterday. and at least one tornado touched down, uprooting several trees in the area. the twister was spawned by the first major storm of the season, which dumped up to two feet of snow in the sierra nevada. and it's not over yet. more snow is on tap for today. >>> for a look at morning road conditions. snow-covered mountain passes in the cascades, sierra nevada and northern rockies. a slick commute from seattle to san francisco. roads will be wet at times around the upper midwest, great lakes, new york, and new england. >> and if you're flying today, some airport delays are possible in salt lake city, san francisco, where the party's still going on, and chicago and detroit. >>> breaking news overnight in the search for a missing new jersey girl. >> officials in glauser county believe they have found the body of autumn pasquale, inside her cycling container. the middle schooler was seen saturday riding her bike to a
problems in california. >>> it's not getting a lot of attention, but many of us are going to be hit by a big tax increase next year, no matter who wins the clerk. temporary reduction in social security payroll taxes expires at the end of the year. neither presidential candidate is talking about an extension and there's little support for one in congress. >>> airfares will continue to go up next year but not as fast as they have been. an increase of only 1% to 4% is expected. that's much less than this year, $4.5 and this year isn't over yet. still, that's better than last year where fares close twice as much. >>> cell phone thefts are also rising. they account for almost half the robberies in san francisco and 40% in new york. wireless carriers and the s.e.c. are working on a national database to attract stolen devices but it's more than a year ago. >>> aappears movie audiences are in the halloween move. "paranormal activity 4" and a fifth movie is planned. "argo" with $17 million. "hotel transylvania" was third with 13.5 million bucks. >>> when we come back, danger on the street. t
to soften, helping to increase inventory. in hardest hit california, consumers do not want to wait three weeks for even more relief following a summer of dramatic price hikes. but there's good news for california drivers as well with some expecting gas prices to drop by as much as $1 there. for the rest of us, experts predict prices could stay as low -- could stay low through february. >> gas prices in our area are finally calling. both maryland and virginia are seeing lower prices. cheapest prices in the commonwealth that $3.51. maryland $3.62. in the district, $3.82. however, that is 15 cents less than what we were paying just a month ago. did you get to see it last night? the needy or shower -- the media or about -- the meteor shower. it is fascinating stuff, isn't it? sarcasm. well, that is critical. at the peak of the shower, at least 20 meteorites' flashed across the sky in one hour. i was in the shenandoah valley last night. did not see a thing. >> we told people last night that it is very hit or miss and it was not going to be like this awesome fireworks display like you expect o
home. >> shows the priority she puts on her education. >>> fire crews in southern california are braced for another day of hot, dry santa ana winds. fire engines, bulldozers, fire crews and aircraft are being placed in strategic locations. a wind-driven brush fire was quickly extinguished but not before a nearby preschool was evacuated as a precaution. wheeling out the little cribs there. >> to safety. >> yes. >>> time, now, for the weather from across the nation. miami, daytona and orlando could start to see squalls, as a result of hurricane sandy. it's a mild day in the northeast. a new storm system brings rain and snow to the pacific northwest. new orleans, houston, little rock and jackson, mississippi, could see showers. >> l.a. will be close to 90 because of the santa ana winds. billings in the mid-30s. 40s for minneapolis, omaha, kansas city. honolulu and phoenix, nicely in the mid-80s. i say, with profound jealousy. >> did you say honolulu? >> sounds nice, huh? >>> long gone but still raking it in. a new name at the top of the highest earning dead celebrities. >>> and then, high
on the west coast tonight, right now in california, the average price of a gallon of gas is $4.67. the highest in the nation and the result of refinery trouble. by comparison, the national average tonight is $3.81 a gallon. >>> but today california governor jerry brown decided to speed up the release of a winter blend of gasoline, and that should bring those record high prices back down to earth later this week. >>> and still ahead right here on "world news," two epic car crashes, this one at nascar, but this other one on a highway with drivers like us so how do ordinary drivers make it? next, the pros tell us how your family can survive. [ male announcer ] inside the v8 taste lab. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. there's a pop. wahlalalalallala! pepper, but not pepper, i'm getting like, pep-pepper. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, zip zip zip zip zip! i'm literally getting zinged by the flavor. smooth, but crisp. velvety. kind of makes me feel like a dah zing yah woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and de
ago and will add one more state to the list for president adding california to the list andtape jay leno and mtv trying to reach young voters so revved up four years ago as they race to it. >> what about that big final debate last night. who really won, and what is the after-effect? abc's jake tapper traveling with a revved up president obama today. >> reporter: after a raucous rally in delray beach, florida, this morning, president obama shared a moment with some enthusiastic supporters. >> i hope you are working really hard in school. >> reporter: unfortunately for the president, these floridians cannot vote and sunshine state polls show romney with momentum, but the president's post-debate swagger was unmistakable. last night, the president painted romney as unsure and unsteady on foreign affairs. >> you've been all over the map and all over the map, all over the map. >> reporter: snap polls suggest the president won this final outing. >> i know you haven't been in a position to actually execute foreign policy, but every time you've offered an opinion, you've been wrong. >> repor
reactor and both continued under their own power. >>> in southern california a different kind of journey, "endeavour" trying to come home. it wasn't easy. abc's abbie boudreau is in los angeles. >> reporter: inching along at a mere two miles per hour, it was hardly the kind of high-speed chase we're used to seeing in los angeles, but it's just as much of a nail biter. here it came within millimeters of hitting this street mp. >> pretty amazing. >> it feels like i'm a part of history. >> reporter: "endeavour" already made an incredible 25 missions to space traveling 122 million miles, but its journey on the ground has been a logistical challengement just imagine trying to clear enough space for a 78-foot wingspan. that's half the width of a football field. the shuttle weighs 80 tons. that's the equivalent of 42 cars, so heavy that thousands of metal plates were used to reinforce the roads. nearly 400 trees had to be cleared from its 12-mile journey. even power lines were raised to make room for the tail, which stands five stories tall. >> and liftoff for the final launch of "endeavour." >
of its pumps yesterday. and drivers are getting fed up. sticker shock at gas stations across california. >> gas is killing us. absolutely killing us. >> reporter: at this station thursday, an outrageous $5.69 for a gallon of regular unleaded. and $5.99 for a gallon of premium. >> i thought they were pretty high. i didn't actually look. oh, shoot. yesterday, it was like $4-something, right? >> reporter: yeah. recent refinery fires in california and pipeline problems are driving prices through the roof. and causing california reserves to hit a ten-year low. so, some gas stations were forced to shut down their pumps. here and across the country, gas is pumping up the highest prices ever for this time of year. the national average is up to $3.78. but in many states, prices are topping $4 a gallon. in washington state, $4.03. in new york and connecticut, $4.10. and here in california, gas is up 45 cents from this time last year, averaging at $4.32 a gallon. >> this is the worst it's ever been. this is the highest gas prices we've ever had. >> reporter: the owner here hopes customers don't bl
collided with a tractor-trailer in california. 21 people were injured. officials say the truck driver failed to yield at a crossing. >>> meanwhile, a short time later, just ten miles away, another truck plowed into a different train. the driver of that truck was seriously hurt in the crash. >>> and some dramatic video here as a massive explosion tore through this warehouse in canada that stores fuel for race cars. that would explain the inferno. thousands of gallons going up in flames. hundreds of homes had to be evacuated. no one was hurt. >>> and american express has agreed to pay nearly $113 million in refunds and fines to settle claims it deceived customers with its markets and billing practices. some 250,000 cardholders will get refunds. >>> a major recall to bring you by honda. 2003-2007, accord v6 is being recalled because of a faulty power steering hose that could cause a fire. honda won't have replacement parts ready until early next year. >>> and look at this. a brazen daylight heist in california. two men, armed with pick axes made off with some $2 million in gems and gold
's boyfriend and lawyer may wind uppen couup in a court after a california judge rein stated his convictions. initially convicted of conspireing to provide the actress with prescription drugs. but those charges were later thrown out. now an appeal lalt judge says the earlier judge was wrong to toss out their convictions. >>> new warning from centers for disease controechlt the laundry detergent pods are posing a public health hazard. more children are eating the concentrated soap, mistakening them for candy and getting sick. during a recent 30-day period nearly 500 children ingested those detergent pods. most of them under age 5. >> they look like candy. >> like mints. in the container, looks, looks, got the flip lid. >> yeah, looks like candy. >> let's do some baseball. troilt detroit tigers going to the world series for the second time in seven years. they got off to a great start yesterday against the yankees when mvpdelman young droven a run in the first inning. >> i probably shouldn't cheer for the tigers, i live in new york. i will any way. broke it open when mickey c cabrera hit a hom
the first crucial debate coming up this wednesday. in a moment, we're going to have former california governor schwarzenegger schwarzenegger weigh in on all of this but it is "your voice your vote" and abc's david muir is here with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. this is a tight race, in fact the new poll shows president obama leads just two points likely among voters. and this morning, just two days before that big debate, who do voters think will win? >> hello, las vegas! >> reporter: overnight in las vegas, the president claimed the odds talking predictions about the first all-important debate. >> i know folks in the media are speculating who is going to have the best zinger. governor romney, he's a great debater. >> reporter: the with the razor-thin lead among voters, when voters are asked who they expect to win, 63% of voters told us they think the president will win in november. as for the all important debate, 56% said they expect the president to win. both campaigns deep into it, both trying to lower expectations. with one noted exception, republican chris christie
, everybody. well, millions of california drivers are facing some pretty serious sticker shock. a pipeline closure and refinery problems have sent gas prices there to the highest ever for this time of year. up 5 cents in a day, to an average of $4.23 a gallon. and get this. it could climb another 30 cents by this time next week. this comes even as gas prices actually fall for most of the country. >>> nasdaq is investigating an unusual price spike in shares of kraft foods, in what could be another high-profile glitch. it canceled some of wednesday's trades after kraft shares surged 29% in one minute. nasdaq isn't giving details. it says it's looking into potentially erroneous transactions. >>> government investigators are out with a new warning about the $20 billion dietary supplement business. 20% of the weight loss in new system supplements they checked, had illegal labels that made health claims that are not allowed and also lacked key information. >>> and facebook likes to boast that it's free. but the social network is rolling out a new feature tha will give your posts a prime space on
a house. >>> maybe not a car. gas prices are going up across the country. but in california, they're soaring to a shocking level, hovering near the $6 mark. parts of the state are seeing the highest prices in a year. the prices are being blamed on a supply problem. >>> facebook has just announced a landmark moment. the social network says, now, it has more than 1 billion active users who logon every month. that's about one in every seven persons on the planet. facebook has doubled its number of users in just two years. >> wow. >>> zagut is out with new restaurant rates. it's fast food getting reviewed. wendy's is the big winner in this year's survey, which got responses from 10,000 folks. the other favorites among the megachains are subway, pizza hut, taco bell, and no shocker here, mcdonald's. >>> and starbucks topped the coffee ratings in that same survey. and now, get ready for a venti sized serving of new stores. the goal is to open 1,000 new shops in the u.s. in the next five years. that could mean a total of 20,000 new jobs. i don't know how we get anymore starbucks in new y
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